This is the website of engineer and harmonica maker Zombor Kovacs. I was born in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. From childhood on I have been in love with a huge variety of things. Being the son of a cell biologist and a chemist, initially I was to follow my parent’s path, but my interest towards gadgets, cars, radio controlled models diverted me and finally I ended up as a mechanical engineer. Still, as a kid I was crazy about insects, butterflies, nature, drawing and painting, which slowly turned into an interest for creating and building stuff, repairing cars and inventing things . I have always had a broad range of interest, in addition to all the above, I loved languages, I tried ju-jitsu, krav-maga, lots of swimming, freediving, waterpolo and dancing for decades actually.

I am self taught in a lot of the things I know. So is it with playing a bit of guitar and the harmonica, which I started playing in 2003. Soon I started repairing and building them, and got myself into the hungarian harmonica scene. I have been a guest player in different bands and in this time did I get to know my good friend, Brendan Power. Things happened, we met and started x-reed.com. Being an engineer I already had my own CNC machine and CAD skills and we started to build new, previously unexisting harmonicas together.