Ventilation system for tilt-turn window


This is a lifehack of mine I love. I am living in a flat with poor ventilation, and with a neighbour below who loves to cook onions early in the morning. All that smell came in through the window every morning and for a long time I woke up all the flat smelling onions.

The main wall in which the windows sit is very thick and there is no vent hole for a fan anywhere. So what does one do? I built a fan system that pushes the air through the tilt-turn window opening in tilt mode. It can still be opened in both modes, but normally I have it in tilt mode all the time, and I have several fan speeds. The result is an incredible improvement in my flat’s ventilation. I have clear air at all times and if I cook something, the smell is extracted very fast. Before it sat there for many hours, now its just a few minutes.